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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where can I buy Smartrigger Cymbals? top

A:Hande made Smartrigger branded Cymbals can be purchased direct from the factory using our online store. Alesis Surge cymbals are available as 12" single zone hi hat (top only), 13" single and dual zone crashes, and 16" dual and tree zone rides. They are manufactured under license from Smartrigger and available from Alesis dealers worldwide.

Q: Do you sell and ship outside the US? top

A:Yes, however you must email us with a list of the cymbals you want to purchase PRIOR TO ORDERING so we can calulate the UPS shipping costs overseas. Please include your contact information, full shipping address including postal code, and Paypal account (so we can send you an invoice). Payment must be made in US dollars through a confirmed PayPal account. The customer may be required to pay duties, taxes or other non-routine customs brokerage charges at the destination. Shipping rates do not include duties, taxes or other non-routine customs brokerage charges.

Q: What size cymbals are available? top

A:Standard sizes include:

  • 8" and 10" Single Zone Splashes
  • 13" and 16" Dual Zone Crashes
  • 14" Single Zone China
  • 16" Dual Zone Ride (Bell and Bow triggers)
  • 16" Tripple Zone Ride/Crash (Bell, Bow, and Edge triggers)
  • 12" Dual Zone Hi-Hats

Q: Are you sure your ride cymbal is dual trigger? top

A:Yes it is! We use a new patent-pending "ring" piezo sensor mounted directly under the bell of the cymbal in addition to the traditional bow piezo sensor. Using two inputs or one dual-trigger input (like the snare input on Roland modules) you can get separate bow and bell sounds from the cymbal, even though there is no second trigger mounted on top of the cymbal's bell. It looks just like a real ride cymbal, because it is a real ride cymbal (without the loud sound)!

Q: What do I need to use the Smartrigger Hi Hat with a real hi hat stand? top

A:The Smartrigger Hi Hat is a two piece hi hat just like a real hi hat. You can mount both cymbals onto a fixed hi hat arm (that doesn't move) and use a Roland compatible pedal (such as the Roland FD-7) for the open/closed sounds or you can choose to mount the cymbals onto a standard hi hat stand. If you mount the two hi hat cymbals onto a standard hi hat stand you need some way of creating the variable "control" signal to tell the module to use open/closed sounds. This is best accomplished by using the Pintech RYC Hi-hat Controller which can be purchased from any Pintech dealer. Here are some pictures showing how the Pintech Controller mounts onto your hi hat stand. It uses two clamps, one on the verticle tube and one onto the pedal's chain. There is a wire and spring inbetween which creates the up and down difference in the controller as you depress the hi hat pedal. The controller is contained in a black box attached to the top clamp. This piece contains the variable slide switch that creates the opn/closed control signal. You connect a 1/4" cable from this controller to the Hi Hat Control input on your module.

another option is to use the new Hart EPEDAL II Professional Electronic Hi Hat Stand.

Q: Do you offer any other sizes? top

A:Yes, please contact Smartrigger for special orders and custom cymbal triggers (up to 16" at this time). We can make you *almost* any single trigger custom cymbal configuration you may desire. Dual trigger cymbals are more difficult and expensive to manufacture and are available for 12", 13", and 16" cymbals.

Q: Can I use Aquarian Cymbal Springs with your cymbals? top

A:Yes, Aquarian Cymbal Springs are compatible with all Smartrigger cymbals. We recommend using the medium (red) springs with the splash or crash cymbals and the heavy duty (yellow) springs for the china. NOTE: Cymbal Springs can not be used on the Ride cymbal.

Q: How do Smartrigger cymbals compare to other electronic cymbals? top

A: Smartrigger cymbals are made using a real brass alloy cymbals laminated to a patented sound dampening layer to provide the most realistic electronic cymbals ever made! They play and feel superior to plastic or rubber cymbals and look every bit as good as acoustic cymbals. They will last as long as acoustic cymbals too. Your sticks will wear down before your cymbals do!

Q: What drum modules are compatible with your cymbals? top

A:Smartrigger cymbals are compatible with most popular drum modules from Roland, Alesis, Yamaha, and others. Check our downloads section for documentation about trigger settings for popular drum modules.

Q: What settings should I use for my drum module? top

A:Download the Smartrigger User Manual from the Downloads page to find the default trigger settings for your module. Use these defaults for a starting point, however you should adjust your settings to suit your personal playing style and mounting system.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer? top

A:Smartrigger warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of the initial consumer purchase. Should any item fail during this period, Smartrigger will repair or replace defective items free of charge. All returns MUST include the original sales receipt/packing slip and are subject to a $15 pre-paid handling fee. Please email us for a return authorization number and RMA form BEFORE returning any products. This warranty is subject to change without notice and is non-transferable. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Unauthorized repairs or modifications to the Smartrigger products may void the warranty. All warranty service items MUST include a completed RMA form available via email.

Q: What is your return policy? top

A:Smartrigger will accept a return for full refund (excluding shipping costs) within 30 days of the sale, provided that 1) the item is in new condition, 2) it can be sold as new, and 3) you must first email us and obtain an RMA number prior to returning any product. All cymbals are subject to normal wear and tear including stick marks, so you must take care while demoing the product. If the product can not be sold as new, we will return 75% of the purchase price (excluding shipping charges and PayPal fees).


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